🛢️MySQL Connection String

Creating your database is 1 thing, but connecting your database to your server is another, below are a few steps on how to connect your fivem server to your mysql database.

Creating your connection string:

  1. Visit the MySQL String Generator Website: Here

  2. Click Next twice until you are on 3: Configure the FXServer.

  1. After you are on the 3rd page, scroll down until you see this:

  1. The following information will be required for your connection string to work: (Some other things you can add will be: acquireTimeout and connectTimeout - These will make the string take longer before connecting / pushing an error.)

  • User

  • database

  • host

  • password

  1. After filling out the info regarding your database and you should see a section called FXServer Configuration

  2. Copy the line shown below from the website and paste it into your server.cfg and restart your server

Ensuring oxmysql or mysql-async

Whether you use oxmysql or mysql-async the way you ensure the it matters.

  1. Put the following lines of code into your server.cfg below all the default resources required by FiveM.

set mysql_connection_string "host=localhost;user=root;database=fivem"
ensure mysql-async -- Only if using mysql-async
ensure oxmysql -- Only if using oxmysql

Congratulations, you connected your database to your FiveM Server!

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