🛢️MySQL Installation (xampp)

Creating a local server environment on your Windows machine with XAMPP and setting up a database for FiveM involves a few steps. This guide will show you how to do it in no time!

Installing XAMPP:

Step 1: Download and Install XAMPP

  1. Visit the Official XAMPP Website: Go to Apache Friends and download the XAMPP installer for Windows.

  2. Run the Installer: Launch the downloaded installer. You might need to approve the UAC prompt and disable any antivirus temporarily if it blocks the installation.

  3. Select Components: During installation, ensure that Apache, MySQL, and PHP are selected. You can deselect other components unless you know you'll need them.

  4. Choose Installation Directory: You can install XAMPP in the default directory (C:\xampp) or choose another location. Click Next and proceed with the installation.

  5. Complete Installation: Follow the remaining prompts and finish the installation.

Step 2: Start Apache and MySQL

  1. Launch XAMPP Control Panel in Administrator: After installation, open the XAMPP Control Panel. You can find it in the Start Menu or where you installed XAMPP.

  2. Installing services: When XAMPP opens up click the ❌ button on the left side of Apache and MySQL and install the services.

  1. Start Apache and MySQL: Click the 'Start' buttons next to Apache and MySQL. This will run your local server and database server.

Step 3: Creating The Database

  1. Open phpMyAdmin: Open phpMyAdmin using the Admin Button on Apache.

  1. Creating a database: Upon opening phpMyAdmin click new on the top left then type for database name fivem (all lowercase) then click create.

Congratulations, you now know how to create a fivem database. Move on to the next page to continue the installation.

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