🧠Installing npwd-framework

To ensure successful integration of your product with the NPWD framework, please follow these detailed steps carefully:

  1. Configure the NPWD-Framework:

    • Navigate to the npwd-framework configuration settings.

    • Verify that the framework's name matches the exact folder name of your resource. By default, this is set to framework.

  2. Database Integration:

    • Import the patch.sql file into your SQL server. This step is crucial to ensure that the integration functions correctly.

  3. Server Configuration:

    • When editing the server.cfg file, it is imperative to adhere to the specific starting order detailed below. This order ensures that the framework operates efficiently, with npwd being initiated after its prerequisites:

      • ensure screenshot-basic

      • ensure pma-voice

      • ensure npwd

      • ensure framework

      • ensure npwd-framework

By following these steps, you'll facilitate a smooth integration process, allowing our product to work seamlessly with the NPWD technology.

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